A-Z Corporation supports children with pediatric cancer through the Gold Ribbon Network.

As part of our commitment to SDGs, we have decided to become involved in social contribution activities, starting with what we can do.

At Sodateru Towel, we aim to enrich everyone’s lives, foster our own growth, and ensure a safe environment for the children who will shape society in the future.

As a first step and in conjunction with the release of our baby line Fais moi calin!, we have started donating a portion of our sales to the Gold Ribbon Network, an organization that supports children with pediatric cancer.

What is Gold Ribbon?

The Gold Ribbon is a symbol representing support for children with pediatric cancer.

Why gold?

Children are often referred to as national treasures. Considering this aspect, using the word gold symbolizes the belief that children are precious treasures, akin to gold symbolizing wealth.

Gold undergoes a process when subjected to fire, becoming stronger and tougher. Similarly, the gold ribbon symbolizes the hope that children with pediatric cancer can overcome difficult challenges and live happy lives.

What is Gold Ribbon Network?

The Gold Ribbon Network is a certified NPO dedicated to creating a society where children with pediatric cancer can live with peace of mind. They provide information about upcoming activities and topics of interest surrounding children with pediatric cancer and their families. For more details, please visit the Gold Ribbon Network’s website.

The certified NPO Gold Ribbon Network

Eligible Products

The sales from the Fais moi calin! line at the official online store of Sodateru Towel and the Omotesando showroom are eligible. We will report on our activities and donation achievements on this page.

You can find the Fais moi calin! line here >

Activity Reports and Donation Achievements

Regarding activity reports and donation achievements, we will provide updates on this page.

◆ Fiscal Year 2023
We supported the Gold Ribbon Network and donated a portion of our sales from January 2023 to November 2023.

◆ Fiscal Year 2022
We supported the Gold Ribbon Network and donated a portion of our sales from April 2022 to December 2022.

Thank you for purchasing our products. We will continue to support the future of children through Sodateru Towel’s Fais moi calin! Your continued patronage is greatly appreciated.