Our Business

From the initial stages of planning and development
to the final production and sale of towels.
We strive to enhance everyday comfort
by crafting reliable products.

Production and OEM Business

We garner the trust of premier global brands by steadfastly adhering to high-quality standards and meticulous delivery management.

Towels touch your skin numerous times each day.
We are committed to enhancing the quality and stability of our production processes to uphold the trust of our brand partners, and prioritize the satisfaction of those who interact with our towels.

At our group companies in China and Vietnam, which serve as our production hubs, we boast world-class manufacturing facilities. We prioritize quality with over 20 inspections carried out before products are finalized. Moreover, our commitment to efficiency and employee well-being is evident through substantial capital investments, including the implementation of automated systems, enabling us to meet deadlines while maintaining a safe and conducive working environment for our employees.
We maintain our position as a preferred OEM production company for luxury and lifestyle brands worldwide by consistently exceeding our customers’ stringent quality standards and delivering products that surpass expectations.

We garner the trust of premier global brands by steadfastly adhering to high-quality standards and meticulous delivery management.
Original Brand and Retail Business

We introduce fresh value to the towel industry by leveraging our years of accumulated expertise and integrated production capabilities.

Throughout our half-century journey in towel manufacturing, we’ve amassed extensive knowledge and expertise, honing our understanding of raw materials, yarn twisting, and fabric weaving techniques.
For instance, the length of cotton fibers varies based on the region of production. By adjusting the blend of cotton raw materials with varying fiber characteristics and yarn twist, we can achieve infinite variations in texture and durability.
During our research endeavors, we encountered a unique cotton thread which served as the foundation for the birth of our original brand, SODATERU TOWEL®, as we innovatively evolved this thread.
Sodateru towels undergo a unique process whereby they absorb air with each wash, resulting in a plush, voluminous, and soft texture. This effect is achieved through the use of special cotton yarn, created by intertwining two types of yarn: a conventional cotton yarn and a water-soluble yarn. After numerous cycles of trial and error, and continuous enhancements in both comfort and design, the product was ultimately perfected.
We take pride in our ability to develop products leveraging the expertise we’ve gathered over time, supported by our integrated manufacturing facility and dedicated quality control center.

We propose new value for towels through the know-how that we have accumulated over the years and integrated production.